Multi-Unit Chain Restaurants

- Chain Restaurant Operators: Must be in business minimum of five years -Must operate a minimum of five units of the same concept in three of more markets or ten units in five or more markets

- Chain Multi-Concept Operators: Must be in business minimum of five years. Must operate minimum of three different concepts in a minimum of seven locations total with no more than the ten units of any single concepts, or five different concepts in ten locations total

Hotels, Casinos, Cruise Lines

- Hotels: Must operate (manage and or/own) a minimum of 20 hotels or 2,000 rooms in 5 or more markets. There is no restriction to the number of concepts as long as they all have a license to serve adult beverages.

- Casinos: Must operate (manage and/or own) a minimum of 5 casinos with full beverage and food service run by the casino company or have a minimum of 10 bars, lounges, restaurants that serve beverage alcohol.

- Cruise Lines: Must operate a minimum of 5 ships with minimum of 500 rooms per ship and have a multiple food and full beverage services on each ship.

*All finalists will need to mail hard copies of programs or content imagery. Applicants are not eligible to enter the same category that they won in the previous year 2016. i.e. if you won the beer category, you may enter all but the beer category.